Visit: Stourhead – Looking for Mr Darcy

If you love historic places, beautiful scenery and countryside then there is no better place to visit than Stourhead. Nestled in the greens of the Wilshire countryside, Stourhead is a feast for the eyes and when we climbed up to the viewing point, believe me when I say it took our breaths away. I tend to be in awe of pretty much everything but it takes a lot to take Scott ‘s breath away, but this did it! A tip is to get there as soon as it opens before the crowds filter in.

Our first stop, of course was the greenhouse, it also provided some shelter from the early morning rain.

Next we moved onto wandering the grounds and felt that we had stepped onto the set of Pride and Prejudice (hence the title).

We didn't spot Mr Darcy anywhere in the grounds, maybe he was hiding in one of the many beautiful buildings?

This reminds me of a cottage from a fairytale.

The most beautiful houses in the most beautiful location.

Make sure you have good walking shoes as you will want to explore the surrounding landscape too!

Lastly no beautiful estate is complete without a pretty special house to match.

Now you may think as I have flooded this post with photo’s that there is nothing more to see but you would be completely wrong! There is the inside of the house and surrounding buildings, a waterfall and art scupltures in the surrounding grounds as well as a beautiful botanical exhibition, a farm shop at the entrance and some caves that I won’t give you any details on as you have to see them for yourselves, but be surprised! Thank you to our lovely customer Katharine for recommending this place to us!

Laura x

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